County Counsel Office

The Essex County Office of County Counsel provides legal counsel to the County Administration; its departments, divisions and offices; and the Office of the Register of Deeds and Mortgages, the County Clerk’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office.


Hall of Records – Room 535
(T) 973-621-5003 ~ (F) 973-621-4599

County Counsel/County Adjuster
Courtney M. Gaccione
(T) 973-621-5003 (F) 973-621-4599

Director of Labor Relations
Robin Magrath
(T) 973-621-2558

Chief, Claims Section
Lina Dedulin
(T) 973-621-4124

Chief, Mental Health & Governmental Affairs Section
Thomas M. Bachman
(T) 973-621-2538

Chief, Welfare and Support Section
Nicole R. Fisher
(T) 973-286-2998 (F) 973-621-9359

Assistant County Counsels

Jill Caffrey
(T) 973-621-4428

Kecia M. Clarke
(T) 973-286-2996 (F) 972-621-9359
Deanna V. Critchley

(T) 973-621-2692

Handel T. Destinvil
(T) 973-621-2706

Nicole Fisher
(T) 973-286-2998 (F) 973-621-9359

Sylvia Hall
(T) 973-621-2701

Alan Ruddy
(T) 973-621-5021

Mental Health Unit/Office Services Manager
Frank J. Marsella, Sr.
Room 435 Hall of Records
(T) 973-621-2689 (F) 973-621-1312

OPRA Office/Custodian of Records
Valentina Palchetti
Room 535 Hall of Records
(T) 973-621-5009 (F) 973-621-2599

Workers Compensation
Michele Carollo
Room D130, ECHC, 204 Grove Ave., Cedar Grove
(T) 973-571-2992 (F) 973-571-2993