Office of Human Resources

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Employee Handbook Download PDF

The Essex County Office of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining and processing personnel records, pensions and health benefits.

Hall of Records – Room 340
(T) 973-621-4977 ~ (F) 973-621-4993
Employment Application Download PDF

Employee Handbook Download PDF

Director Robert D. Jackson
(T) 973-621-4977

Deputy Director Jacqueline L. Jones
(T) 973-621-4977

Health Benefits Lynda Beauchamp
(T) 973-621-4978

Pension Denise Roberts
(T) 973-621-6789

Employee Assistance Program Counselor (for currently employed Essex County employees) Joyce Mauer
(T) 973-395-8470 (F) 973-395-8330

Employee Assistance Program Quick Consults PDF