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November 18, 2013


City of Orange Township Police Director is Lauded for 23 Years of Dedicated Service

Hakim Sims (front row, 2nd left), Director of the City of Orange Township Police Department, was honored during the Freeholder Board’s November 18th meeting at the Hall of Records.  He is pictured above with: Front Row (left to right), Freeholder President Blonnie Watson, Freeholder Gerald Owens, Freeholder Brendan Gill and Freeholder D. Bilal Beasley. Back Row (left to right), Freeholder Rufus Johnson, Freeholder Carol Clark and Freeholder Leonard Luciano.   PHOTO BY GLEN FRIESON

(Newark, NJ) – The Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders honored the City of Orange Township’s Police Director Hakim Sims for his dedication, hard work and service for the past 23 years to the Orange Police Department and the residents of Orange. The presentation was given during the Monday, November 18th meeting, held at the Hall of Records, when Freeholder Gerald W. Owens of South Orange presented him with the Board’s Commendation.

In his presentation, Freeholder Gerald Owens stated, “It is my honor to stand here tonight to recognize people in our community who are making a difference.  My honoree tonight is one of those people.”  Regarding Mr. Sims’ commitment to serve and protect, Freeholder Owens went on to say, “Director Sims takes that personally and it is evident that he goes over and above the call of duty!”

Mr. Sims attended the public school system in Orange, New Jersey and graduated from Orange High School.  He began his collegiate studies at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland and after years of giving full attention to his family, he is nearing completion of a Bachelors of Science degree in Sociology from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton.

Mr. Sims is a 23 year veteran of the Orange Police Department and has ascended to the rank of Captain with perseverance and honor.  Hired as a police officer in January of 1990, he has held key positions with the Orange Police Department and outside agencies. In the early part of his career, he spent two years assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) conducting local, national and international drug cases and he received an award for his service. One of his proudest moments was representing the Orange Police Department at the Essex County College Police Academy. He was certified through the State of New Jersey Police Training Commission as the Senior Training Advisor which allowed him to oversee and guide the instruction of men and women pursuing a career in law enforcement. Through his time at the police academy, well over 500 police and correction officer graduates have come under his direct tutelage. 

Mr. Sims has supervised and served as commander in every division of the police department. His most recent command included the Patrol Division, comprising almost two thirds of the police department and commander of the police department’s Special Response Team (SRT). SRT is the department’s high risk tactical unit which specializes in hostage rescue, protection details, and dangerous search and arrest warrants.

To his professional credit, Mr. Sims has completed numerous certifications; including graduation from law enforcement’s most prestigious executive training school, The Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (FBINA) in Quantico, Virginia. He is the second officer in the history of the Orange Police Department to attend and graduate this academy. He has received the following in certifications and training; Supervisory Management and Public Management from the New Jersey Human Resource Development Institute, Large Scale Incident Management and Incident Command System through the administrative levels. He is a Stress Management Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Physical Fitness Instructor, Law Enforcement Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, and Self-Defense Instructor certified through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Air Marshall Service.

During his time with the Orange Police Department, Mr. Sims has extended his care and concern for the City of Orange Township by serving as Vice President and President of the Orange Kinsmen/Kinswomen.  This organization was established in 1974, by African-American police officers to address challenges and bridge gaps between the community and the police department. Today, he continues to be a conduit for teaching and understanding in the community.

Mr. Sims is a dedicated Muslim and frequently attends Masjid Ash-Habul Yameen.  He and his wife Angelina have been together over 23 years and have two wonderful daughters; Melanie, a school teacher and Najla, a college sophomore.

In his acceptance comments, Mr. Sims thanked Freeholder Owens and the Board for the honor.    He stated, “It’s one thing to be honored by fellow law enforcement people and comrades, but when other people notice that you have given to the community it’s always a plus.”  A decorated law enforcement officer, skilled in self-defense and combat instruction, in his opinion he maintains, “The only people who can protect our streets are people who are from the streets.”  He went on to say that Orange and the greater Essex County area is his home and that his plan is to continue to give to this community.  

The presentation was also attended by Sims’ family, fellow Orange Police Department Staff, Freeholder President Blonnie Watson, Freeholder Rufus Johnson, Freeholder Carol Clark, Freeholder Leonard Luciano, Freeholder Brendan Gill and Freeholder D. Bilal Beasley.

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