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June 20, 2013



The 2013 Montclair H. S. Crew Team was honored by the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders for its outstanding season during the Board’s June 19th meeting held at Montclair Town Hall.  The Board’s Commendations were presented to the team and coaches by Freeholder Brendan Gill of Montclair (front row, 2nd from right).  PHOTO BY GLEN FRIESON

 (Newark, NJ) – During its Wednesday, June 19th, meeting held at Montclair Town Hall, the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders honored the Montclair High School Crew Team for its outstanding 2013 season.  The Board’s Commendation was sponsored and presented to members of the team and their coaches by District 5 Freeholder Brendan Gill of Montclair.

The team’s highly successful season was highlighted by outstanding results at four prestigious competitions: the Garden State Scholastic Championships held on April 27th on the Cooper River in Camden; the Philadelphia City Championships held on May 5th on the Schuylkill River; the Stotesbury Cup Regatta held May 17th-18th, also on the Schuylkill River; and the Scholastic Rowing Association of America National Championships Regatta held May 24th-25th, also on the Cooper River.  At the Garden State Championships, MHS crews won 8 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze medals and qualified 11 crews to compete at the National Championships, the most-ever for the school’s crew program.  The team also won 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals at the Philadelphia Championships; 3 Gold and 1 Silver medal at the Stotesbury Cup, where team members won more individual medals than any other competing school; and 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medal at the National Championships.


While the Board’s Commendation applauded the success of the entire team, the presentations highlighted the accomplishments of members of the ten crews that won gold medals at one or more of the four regattas:

  • Boys Junior Varsity 8 Crew won Gold Medals at the Garden State Championships, Philadelphia Championships and Stotesbury Cup, and was comprised of: Abe Kolko, Matias Hahn, Nathan Pollack, Janek Bielski, James Wisniewski, Eli Pimpao, Jonathan Silverman, Joe Michalitsianos and Noah Schifrin (Coxswain);


  • Boys Varsity 4 Crew won Gold Medals at the Garden State Championships and Stotesbury Cup, and was comprised of: Hayden Kline, Jacob Stepansky, Nathaniel Goodman, Justin Murphy and Amelia Dunnell (Coxswain);
  • Girls Junior Varsity 8 Crew won a Gold Medal at the Stotesbury Cup and was comprised of: Megan Ayala, Nina Alvarado-Silverman, Jenna Walpole, Zoe Foglizzo, Courtney Stith, Shay Loos, Chantal Naegeli, Danique van Winden and Hannah Megally (Coxswain);


  • Girls Varsity Lightweight 4 Crew won a Gold Medal at the Philadelphia Championships and was comprised of: Emily Schnittman, Arielle Mann, Charlotte Cailliarec, Andrea Schneider and Hallie Meisler (Coxswain);
  • Girls Varsity Quad Crew won a Gold Medal at the Garden State Championships and was comprised of: Madeleine Aase-Remedios, Theresa Meyer, Hannah Steffe and Daria Thames;


  • Girls Freshman 8 Crew won a Gold Medal at the Garden State Championships and was comprised of: Kelly Freedman, Nicole Vascimini, Caroline Kelly, Elizabeth Levendovsky, Catherine Heisler, Allison Connors, Rachel Rosenberg, Caton Day and Sophia Corriere/Hallie Meisler (Coxswains);
  • Girls Freshman Quad Crew won a Gold Medal at the Garden State Championships and was comprised of: Glynnis Harvey, Elle Gardner, Neave Burton and Anastasiya May;


  • Girls Freshman 4 Crew won a Gold Medal at the Garden State Championships and was comprised of: Rebecca Taub, Rachael Brown, Kaya Benitez, Tyler Nedzi and Elisabeth Schifrin (Coxswain);
  • Boys Varsity Lightweight Double Crew won a Gold Medal at the Garden State Championships and was comprised of: Dylan Lewis and Teddy Cahill; and the


  • Boys Junior Varsity Quad Crew won a Gold Medal at the Garden State Championships, and was comprised of: Adam Pollack, Owen Daly-Smith, James Pew and Ethan St. John.

The members of the 2013 Montclair High School Crew Team, the Mounties, are: Senior Girls Madeleine Aase-Remedios, Charlotte Cailliarec, Rachel Cucci, Siri Dolce-Bengtson, Rachel Dowd, Amelia Dunnell, Jess Farber, Alyssa Handelman, Theresa Meyers, Andrea Schneider, Hannah Steffe, Daria Thames and Alexandra van Inwegen; Senior Boys Nathaniel Goodman, Hayden Kline, Justin Murphy and Jacob Stepansky; Junior Girls Megan Ayala, Jamie Knoth, Shay Loos, Arielle Mann, Hannah Megally, Chantal Naegeli, Christy Rose, Jordan Sabourin, Emily Schnittman, Jessa Silver, Courtney Stith and Leslie Templeton; Junior Boys Sasha Baker, Janek Bielski, Teddy Cahill, Matias Hahn, Dylan Lewis, Max Kim, Abush Kolko, Joseph Michalitsianos, Alex Jong Min Park, Eli Pimpao, Nathan Pollack, Gabriel Rosenthal, Noah Schifrin, Jonathan Silverman and James Wisniewski; Sophomore Girls Nina Alvarado-Silverman, Julia Burstein, Isabella Corriere, Katherine Dlugos, Zoe Foglizzo, Teddi Mattox, Christina Sokolic, Danique van Winden and Jenna Walpole; Sophomore Boys Mujahid Nadeem Ali, Ezra Barracks,


Owen Daly-Smith, Lucas Deupree, James Pew, Adam Pollack, Ethan St. John and Ali Ullah; Freshman Girls Emma Arian, Kaya Benitez, Rachael Brown, Neave Burton, Allison Connors, Sophia Corriere, Caton Day, Kelly Freedman, Elle Gardner, Glynnis Harvey, Catherine Heisler, Caroline Kelly, Elizabeth Levendovsky, Anastasiya May, Hallie Meisler, Tyler Nedzi, Rachel Rosenberg, Elisabeth Schifrin, Tori Schoen, Rebecca Taub, Christine Templeton and Nicole Vascimini; and Freshman Boys Ian Barnes, Oliver Bauer-Nathan, Caleb DeSmith, Christopher Fabian, Jack Gonzales-Randall, Cameron Greene, Kai Jensen, Brandon Lewis, Edward Michalitsianos, John Moore, Jacob Morello, Henry Pew, Natan Schattner-Elmaleh and Alexander Zincano.

The team was coached by Head Coach Jeremy Michalitsianos, Coach Lorna Rundle and Assistant Coaches Reuben Man, Steve McNeilly and Julian Canha. 

Freeholder Gill remarked that he had the honor of recognizing the Crew Team last year, and that although it is a relatively new program at Montclair H. S., has enjoyed an amazing degree of success, adding, “as a Montclair resident and Montclair High School alumnus, I am especially proud of you.”  He went on to say that one of the opportunities he truly cherishes and enjoys as an elected official is to recognize people in the community for their accomplishments, “not only because of what you’ve accomplished personally, but also because everyone who comes from this community and from Montclair High School takes great pride in what you’ve done, and it’s my pleasure to play a small part in recognizing you for your long hours of practice and dedication.”

Coach Michalitsianos thanked Freeholder Gill and the Freeholder Board for honoring the team, and everyone at Montclair H. S. for their unwavering support.  “It was an absolutely amazing season.  Each year I think we can’t do it again, but we always seem to find a way.  And whether they won medals or not, I think every member of the team got a lot out of this season.”

Senior Hayden Kline, speaking on behalf of his teammates, thanked the coaches and all the team members, saying, “These achievements are the result of the efforts of the team as a whole.”  He also remarked how gratifying it was to have watched the program grow over his four years from such small roots to close to 100 members, adding “This season was one of the best we’ve ever had and it was thanks to everyone who pitched-in and decided to help us, so I thank you.”

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