Department of Senior Services


The Essex County Division of Senior Services, located at 900 Bloomfield Avenue in Verona, New Jersey is the doorway to programs and services located in the Essex County community where seniors and adults with physical disabilities live. It is the primary center for planning, program development and coordination of services to persons age 60 and over.

The Division’s services are targeted to individuals with the greatest social and economic need.

Programs offered by the Division of Senior

Services include:

Adult Day Care

Adult Protective Services

Assisted Transportation

Caregiver Assistance

Care Management

Certified Home Health Aide

Dental Health Services

Emergency Heating/Cooling Program

Financial Counseling: Friend/Advocate

Grandparent Caregivers

Health Insurance Counseling (SHIP)

Home Delivered Meals

Home Friend (in-home chore service)

Home Modifications (ramps)

Information & Assistance (NJ EASE)

Legal Services

NJ State Caregivers Assistance

Nutrition Sites


Programs: Jersey Assistance for community caregivers (JACC)

Residential Repair

Respite Services

Senior Citizen Newspaper – Essex Advisor


Telephone Reassurance

Title IIIE Family Caregivers Support Services


Visiting Nurse

New Jersey EASE, Toll Free Number 1-877-222-3737

NJEASE provides older adults, their families, and other concerned individuals with information about and referral or linkage to community services.



50 South Clinton Street, East Orange, NJ 07018 – Suite 5400
(T) 973-395-8400 ~ (F) 973-395-8493

Director Anibal Ramos
(T) 973-395-8400

Office of Senior Services

900 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044

The Essex County Division of Senior Services is a New Jersey EASE (Easy Access Single Entry) site, which provides older adults, their families, and other concerned individuals with information about, and referral or linkage to, community services.
(T) 877-222-3737

Director Jaklyn De Vore
(T) 973-395-8375 (F) 973-228-6892

Information and Assistance
(T) 973-395-8365

Special Transportation System
(T) 973-618-1280

Veterans Services
(T) 973-395-8367

Division of Community Action

50 South Clinton Street, East Orange, NJ 07019 – 3rd Floor

Director Maurice J. Brown
(T) 973-395-8350 (F) 973-395-8433

Consumer Advocate Melvin Williams
(T) 973-395-8360 (F) 973-395-8433

Homeless Unit Jessica Torres
(T) 973-395-8352 (F) 973-395-8433

Tenant Resource Center – Utility Assistant/NJ Share Kathy McCarey
(T) 973-395-8362 (F) 973-395-8433

Weights & Measures Louis Turco, Superintendent
(T) 973-395-8363 (F) 973-395-8433

H.O.P.W.A. Program (Housing Supporting Persons With Aids) Terrance McCoy
(T) 973-395-8354

Division of Welfare

18 Rector Street, Newark NJ 07103 – 9th Floor

Director Jeanette Page-Hawkins
(T) 973-733-3325 (F) 973-504-9316

Downtown Citizen Service Center

18 Rector Street , Newark, NJ 07103 – 7th Floor

Administrator Cassandra Smalls-Nicholson
(T) 973-733-2518 (F) 973-643-3480

Westside Citizen Service Center

18 Rector Street , Newark, NJ 07103 – 3rd floor

Administrator Carol Perkins
(T) 973-733-3181 (F) 973-643-3772

Office of Special Services

18 Rector Street – 5 Floor, Newark, NJ

Administrator Debra Edmondson
(T) 973-645-8340 (F) 973-642-4960

Office of Fraud Prevention & Investigations
18 Rector St., 8th Fl., Newark, NJ 07102

Coordinator/Investigational Unit Frank Eagan
(T) 973-733-5551 (F) 973-643-3867

(T) 973-733-5552

Food Stamp Service Center

50 South Clinton Street, East Orange, NJ 07018 – 1st Floor

Administrator Carla Tention
(T) 973-395-8132 (F) 973-395-8347

Office of Child Support

HOR – MLK Blvd., Rm 102, Newark, NJ 07102
(T) 973-733-3388

Administrator Aaron Crawley
(T) 973-733-3385 (F) 973-643-3774

Military Park Citizen Service Center

18 Rector Street , 1st & 2nd Floor, Newark, NJ 07102

Administrators Yvonne Cooper and Nwabueze Brooks
(T) 973-733-4571 (F) 973-643-3980

Office of Medicaid Services

18 Rector Street – 10th Floor, Newark, NJ 07102
(T) 973-645-7043 or (T) 973-645-7043 (F) 973-824-5712

Administrator Lisa Upshaw
(T) 973-645-7030 (F) 973-824-5712

Division of Youth Services

5o South Clinton Street, EO 07018-Fl 3

Youth Services Commission
50 S. Clinton St., EO, NJ 07018 – FL 3

Administrator Lee B. Fisher
(T) 973-530-9580 (F) 973-395-8493

Essex County Youth Detention Center

80 Duryea Street, Newark, NJ 07103

Director Rev. Dennis Hughes
(T) 973-497-4720 (F) 973-497-4747

Assistant Superintendent Gina Saunders
(T) 973-497-4720 (F) 973-497-4748