Department of Corrections

The employees of the Department of Corrections are committed to a fully integrated correctional system. We set an unparalleled standard of professionalism and correctional excellence through our operation of a safe, secure and humane correctional facility.

The mission of the Essex County Department of Corrections is to ensure that all persons committed to our County’s correctional institutions are confined with the level of custody necessary to protect the public while providing care, discipline, training, and treatment in preparation for reintegration into the community.

The Essex County Department of Corrections has evolved into a complex organization with many divisions and sub-divisions. These units have been trained in specialized areas of law enforcement.

The Essex County Department of Corrections has experienced great success by achieving a 100% compliance rating from the New Jersey Department of Corrections’ Bureau of County Services from 2007 to 2010. We were also accredited by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) and certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Also in 2007, our Department assumed administrative control of the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center located in Newark, NJ.

After saving our taxpayers $34.5 million through the utilization of public-private partnerships and satisfying a twenty year old federal consent decree, Essex County Department of Corrections is truly New Jersey’s finest correctional organization.

354 Doremus Avenue, Newark, NJ 07105
(T) 973-274-7800 or 973-274-7597 ~ (F) 973-274-6987

Director Alfaro Ortiz
(T) 973-274-7818 (F) 973-274-6955

Warden Charles L. Green
(T) 973-274-7670 (F) 973-274-6911

Deputy Director – Administration David Boyd
(T) 973-274-7818 or (T) 973-274-7818 (F) 973-274-6955

Director, Prisoner Re-Entry Program, Viergina Dudley
(T) 973-274-7507 or (T) 973-274-7507

Director, ICE Program Anthony Perillo
(T) 973-274-6850 (F) 973-274-6909