June Teamwork Awardees with Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr.

Rasheed Yusef, Public Works; Nancy Dos Santos, Economic Development; Mollie Currie, Citizen Services; James Davis, Community Health.





Newark, NJ – Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. proudly presented the June Essex County Teamwork Awards in his office, on June 9th, before a host of departmental directors, honorees and their relatives.

Thomas M. Bachman, an Assistant Essex County Counsel since 1981, represents the County at all mental health hearings.  He volunteered to develop and coordinate the County’s legal intern program, which has become well-recognized for its efficiency and beneficial learning experience. 

Norman Butler joined the Parks Department seven years ago, and is a Radio Dispatcher at Branch Brook Park Garage. Norman’s knowledge of the maintenance section and its equipment supports his various responsibilities, and often places him in a leadership position.

Mollie Currie, Sr. Tenant Relations Assistant within the Department of Citizen Services, Division of Community Action, joined Essex 16 years ago. She is a hands-on employee, who can assist clients with a variety of problems. Her dedication to quality client service sets the office and County standard.

James Davis joined the Essex County Office of the Disabled, Division of Community Health in 1990.  As a Senior Program Specialist, he serves clients who face difficult challenges, with dignity, offering them assistance and support. Everyone in the Division goes to James for help with computer problems, kind words, and a big smile.

Alnisa M. Horsley joined the Essex County Department of Corrections 17 years ago. With a firm but fair approach, Officer Horsley helps to maintain peace and order in controlled environments and supervises the movements of prisoners from meals to visitation and the infirmary during her shifts.

Nancy Dos Santos, a three-year County employee, works as an employment specialist in the Essex County Division of Training and Employment in the Department of Economic Development, Training and Employment. She counsels clients who have been sanctioned, helping them to regain focus and begin to develop good working habits.

Rasheed Yusuf, a licensed Professional Engineer, joined Essex County’s Department of Public Works in 2001. Due to his outstanding attention to detail, he has worked on many of the County’s most complicated projects, such as the dredging of Verona Park Lake and remediation of Riverbank Park. He currently manages all phases of the Old Courthouse Restoration, a 13 year-long project that is finally heading towards completion.