Surrounding Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, Left to Right are : Charles Daglian, Eileen de la Hoz, Detria James-Cornick, Jackie Walters (November awardee), David Lopez, Thomas Reis, Pavan Sharma



Charles Daglian joined the Essex County Counsel*s Office in March 2003 a member of the Governmental Affairs Section. Charlie*s primary duties are to recover the bail money that criminals forfeit when they fail to appear at court hearings. This year, he has so far recovered $2,412,478, well on his way to setting an all-time high for the County.

Eileen de la Hoz works as Supervisor of the Social Services Unit at the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center. This 23-year veteran has a vast knowledge of the juvenile justice system. She serves as an *outspoken* and integral member of the staff, and manages the daily operations of 8 social workers. In this complex role, de la Hoz is the lynch-pin between the Division of Youth Services and the juvenile justice system, parents, and other detention centers.

Detria James Cornick is a seasoned senior clerk typist for the Division of Training and Employment*s fiscal unit. She manages all purchasing matters for the Division, and also provides administrative support for the fiscal unit. Cornick is regarded as her division*s team leader and works well under pressure to complete her duties. Her efficiency is well-known, as she multi-tasks away and maintains her commitment to the job.

Corrections Officer Joseph Arteaga has been a member of the Department of Corrections for 9.5 years. He conducts himself as a true professional at all times, and can be relied upon to go above the call of duty, making himself available to translate for Spanish speakers. Arteaga is assigned to custody duties, and serves as the Subpoena Control/OPRA Request Liaison, and maintains the custody of the inmate population.

Pavan Sharma, a dedicated nutritionist at the Essex County Hospital Center, provides outstanding service and commitment to the patients as well as their families and caregivers. She is an excellent advocate, and makes sure patients* nutritional needs are more than satisfied. In addition, Pavan plans and presents Annual Nutrition Day, offering information and education to all staff about proper dietary requirements. Her positive attitude sets her apart from others.

David Lopez has been with the Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs for 17 years, beginning there as a Laborer assigned to the Game Field Crew. He is currently a Supervising Equipment Operator and the go-to guy for all of the County*s press conferences and special events. His exceptional organizational skills and knowledge of construction equipment are among his many talents. Lending a helping hand has become his trademark.

Thomas Reis works as an Engineer in the County*s Department of Roads and Bridges. He also serves as liaison to the Essex County Planning Board, overseeing the Site Plan and Subdivision Process, which brings in over $80,000 in yearly revenues. A dependable team leader, he is often called upon to supervise complex projects. He currently serves as the Project Manager working with the Office of the Sheriff on replacement of the Essex County Radio Tower.